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Our Leather
We use naked American tanned cowhide for the main body of all our bags. The trim (if there is any) is not from an animal that was killed for its hide; it was embossed with a print during the tanning process. Linings are usually suede leather. These are all very easy to care for, and the following is meant as a guide, taken from Apple’s info and online sources.

Apple Garde Water and Stain Repellant
This is exactly what it sounds like. It's an aerosol spray that you spray on your bag to make the leather water and stain repellant. This can be used on all leathers. For new items, this product acts as a barrier against future stains and damage before the article is worn. For protecting older items, make sure that the item is clean first. Dries quickly and will not leave residue or change the color or texture.

To use: Hold can AT LEAST 8-10 inches away and spray mist over bag in an up and down continuous motion. Be sure to cover all the leather with a nice light and even coat. Repeat if needed. NOTE: When you first spray the bag, the leather will look MUCH darker... DO NOT WORRY! It will lighten slowly, but most definitely. Sometimes it will lighten up within just 20 minutes, other times it may take a bit longer. Spray outdoors if possible.

Apple Leather Care (conditioner)
Apple leather care lotion is a wax free leather conditioner that you can use on NAKED leathers.  It is NOT meant for suede or soft textured leather that we use on trim. It is very gentle. The lotion will not leave marks or blotches.

To use:
Put some of the leather care liquid on a clean, dry cloth. A little goes a long way. Now rub ALL over your bag, on the leather and not the suede or textured parts. You'll feel the leather get really supple and soft right away. Then let it dry, and buff the remaining lotion off, or you can rub it in until it absorbs. It will NOT darken the leather once it dries.

Apple Leather Cleaner
This is a strong cleaner and not recommended for new leathers. Apple leather cleaner may stain new leather. It is an aggressive cleaner formulated to safely clean finished leather without leaving a ring or residue.

  • Quickly removes dirt and grime from leather that was not pre-treated.
  • For particularly tough stains, multiple treatments may be needed. However, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to follow up with Apple Brand Leather Care to reintroduce the emollients that have been lost due to intense cleaning.

    To use: Pour some leather cleaner onto a clean cloth and scrub, scrub, scrub leather with established patina to remove dirt and grime. Again, this is NOT for new leather.

Common customer questions:

What if my bag gets wet? No problem. If it's been sprayed and / or conditioned, the moisture shouldn't soak in. If it does get really wet, just let it dry at room temperature and it should be fine. Don't try to hurry things up by putting it near a heat source.

Will my bag get ruined if I don’t do anything to it? We use cowhide. It’s durable. Most medium to dark colors will be fine. When the leather begins to dry out (depending on use, 6 months to a year usually) then it needs to be conditioned to restore the oils and make the bag last longer. So, eventually, yes the life will be shortened if you absolutely don’t do anything to it; but no, for now it’s fine. . Do not use a snow proofing spray meant for winter boots, as it’s too harsh for our handbags. Anything with the word “oil” in the name will darken our leathers and leave an oily residue. These  “oils” are good conditioners, but use the gentler products until you need the more heavy duty one after the bag has aged for a while.

If I just want to get one thing, which should I get? Get the conditioner, unless you bought a very light colored soft bag. Then get the spray first.

Where can I get these products? We sell them, or go to a store that sells leather coats. Our prices are slightly less than MSRP because we are bagmakers and we want you to enjoy our bags, and good care will prolong their life.

Call us to order at (413) 323-5013.

Apple Leather Care and Cleaner $5 each
Apple Garde Spray $7 each

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